Learning numbers while playing

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These games must be played under the supervision of an adult. Note: For Game # 2 is important that the child is not left unsupervised with the material at hand. Materials:  - 11 flash cards - numbers from 0-10 handwritten or printed on the PC and well colored - laminated paper - 55 colored paper clips [...]

New Section: Educational Games

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As an educator, I have always studied teaching methods, but none of them was so illuminating as to test my creativity and follow the timing of children. The fact of becoming a mother made me learn a lot and has enabled me to mature a lot as a pedagogue. Sara is a 2-year-old girl, very [...]

Andrew and the disease – part 2

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Every child comes into the world to remember and show parents a little about their nature, something they’ve forgotten. Children are a responsibility, they change our lives and that’s what right. In our second meeting, Andrew's parents told me that the baby had been a week at home with pneumonia, then after a week back [...]

Andrew and the disease – part 1

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Andrew was a beautiful child even if he would smile rarely. His problem was he used to get sick a lot. He was conceived unexpectedly but her parents decided to live the new experience with joy anyways, even if it will change their lives. Once the moment arrives something went different from expectations, labor starts [...]

Breastfeeding: a lifetime’s gift

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Lactation is a topic that I care so much. Unfortunately, even the great quantities of studies and researches that show how important it is and how it's the best way to nourish a child, there's still a lot of misinformation and false beliefs about it. Let start by clarifying that Nature does not err. It [...]

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